Speeches by C.K. Prahalad

IILM Institute for Higher Education, New Delhi, India, 2008

Global Thinker Award 2008

In this acceptance speech, Prahalad poses the question: How do we democratize commerce? How do we give economic power, access, and opportunities to everybody around the world? First, he asks us to think of the poor as a group that represents a new opportunity.

Aspen Ideas Festival, Aspen, Colorado, July 2007

Globalization for Better or Worse: Civilization and the Environment

The Aspen Ideas Festival brings together scientists, artists, educators, and other great thinkers to discuss and debate the important ideas of our time. In this lecture, Prahalad discusses aspects of his bestselling book—The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid—specifically focusing on income inequality and income mobility. Watch a clip or the entire speech.

India@60, New York City, September 2007

Lecture Delivered During India@60 Celebrations

In this inspirational speech, Prahalad looks to the future—India@75—and asks that India actively shape the emerging world order with economic strength, technological vitality, and moral leadership. As he said, “Unless we are clear about the potential it is very difficult to undertake a difficult journey.”

49th Annual McKinsey Awards, May 2008

First Place for Best Article Published in Harvard Business Review

During his acceptance speech, Prahalad urges us to think about the role of the poor—four billion micro-consumers and micro-producers—as an opportunity for growth and development around the world. In a panel discussion at the same awards ceremony, Prahalad discusses the concept of co-creation—companies and governments working with civil society to solve problems.

Acumen Fund, 2009

Graduation Speech to the Class of 2009 Fellows

Prahalad challenges graduates at this NGO to look at poverty and imagine a different world. “Don’t think outside the box; imagine a new box.”

22nd Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture, June 2005

By using Gandhi as a model, Prahalad examines the qualities of true leadership in this inspirational speech. These qualities include being an innovator, good communicator, and being self-aware.