The CK Prahalad website was created and inspired by one of the greatest Indian business thinkers, C.K Prahalad. It was easy to be inspired and motivated by the late C.K Prahalad, after all, he really studied hard to be an influencer when it comes to everything related to making businesses work. He even wrote books about it which help a lot of people get insights or ideas about companies and businesses. Many individuals like us really loved his works especially since we know how much time and effort he spent in writing about it. It was not just that. It takes a great knowledge to be an influencer just as he was. It wasn’t just us he inspired, there are students who dreamed of creating a business one day who never lose hope because of the legacy left by C.K Prahalad.


He and his works are the reasons why we created this website. We all know how much people want to be entrepreneurs themselves and how much they want to learn about it. Some people can study business and management but how about those who chose a different path but still wanted to make their own business? We figured that you can still build your own company even if you started up learning about a different career or didn’t get to study any business majors. We believe that it’s always up to our own will how we are going to pursue what we want.


With this website, we want to give people insights about the how-tos of putting up a business. Just like how C.L Prahalad did before but in a more digital way. We want to take advantage of covering a larger crowd as we share to others our own knowledge and some tips about starting up a business. We want to be a part of their journey to being a successful business people of this generation. We want to teach them how to be effective bosses and how their every action can affect how their business will take off. Doing this makes us happy and makes us feel like we are able to contribute something in this industry. It’s also our mission to give help to others in a way that will surely boost their confidence and knowledge for business. Thanks to C.K Prahalad, we were able to find what we can do to help out the aspiring entrepreneurs out there to maximize not only their talents but resources as well in making their businesses successful.